Flights to Sydney

Sydney is the most populated city of Australia and Oceania. It is also the state capital of New South Wales. The people who live in Sydney are called "Sydneysiders". The population of Sydney is more than 5.2 million as estimated in 2017. And it is the biggest city in Oceania. There are more than 200 languages which are spoken in Australia, and there are a lot of foreign-born residents there too. Sydney is one of the most famous cities in Australia because there are famous buildings like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Queen Victoria Building and the Sydney Opera House. It is also famous for its famous beaches like Manly Beach, Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach. And it isn't the end of Sydney, there are lots of other things too, to see in Sydney like ANZ Stadium, Sydney Cricket Ground, Taronga Zoo, the Blue Mountains and many other places.

Top Attractions

Sydney Opera House

There is really anyone who doesn't know about Sydney Opera House. It is a star interaction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And the best thing about Sydney Opera House which makes it special is that it is situated on the harbor. This magnificent building is shaped like shells surrounded by water. Sydney Opera House is a must-visit place if you go to Australia.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The locals of Sydney call The Sydney Harbour Bridge ‘Coathanger’. It is Sydney's one of the most famous landmarks after the Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Harbor Bridge has two huge piers at both ends supporting the bridge. it was built in 1932 and is the world's largest steel Arc bridge and it is 134 feet above the water.

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is one of Sydney’s most populated hubs. Darling Harbour is packed with museums, restaurants, shops, exhibitions, and entertainment venues. The Darling Harbour also contains the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium. It contains the world's largest collection of Australian water creatures. Along with the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, the Darling Harbour also has Powerhouse Museum which shows up things related to technology, design, science, and history.

Queen Victoria Building

The Romanesque-style Queen Victoria Building is a huge hub for most of the Sydney shopping linked with the Town Hall Station. Between 1893 and 1898, it was actually built as a market hall. More than 200 shops are lined up here. It would be a worthy visit here as it also has beautiful mosaic floors and stained glass windows.

Best time to visit

Sydney is shining for the whole year and you can visit this place anytime but the best time to visit Sydney is during the summer months, December to February. At this time you can enjoy Sydney’s outdoor lifestyle. This is the best time to visit its marvelous beaches, cruises at the harbors, other water activities and many more.

Major airports

Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport is the major airport of Sydney which is an international airport in the south of Sydney City Centre. The airport is the world’s one of the busiest and continuously operated Airports of the World. It handles approximately 42.6 million passengers and 0.34 mil aircraft movements annually. The airport has three runways. The other airports of Sydney are:

  • ● Bankstown Airport
  • ● Camden Airport
  • ● Holsworthy Barracks
  • ● Palm Beach Water Airport
  • ● Rose Bay Water Airport
  • ● RAAF Base Richmond
  • ● Western Sydney Airport
  • ● The Oaks Airfield
  • ● Wedderburn Airport

Also, there are some inactive airports in Sydney which are not used now.

Fact File

- Country/State: Australia

- Population: 46.3 lakhs (According to the report of the year 2016)

- Currency: $AUD

- Language: The official language spoken by the people of Melbourne is English.

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