Flights to Narita

Narita pronounced as Narita-shi is a city of Chiba Prefecture in Japan. It is named after the Narita international airport. Narita International Airport is the main airport which serves the greater area of Tokyo. The mayor of Narita is Kazunari Koizumi. The world area of Narita consists of 213.84 km². As of the calculation done in February 2016 the overall estimated population of Narita consist of 131,096 people. And the population density of Narita is 613 persons per square kilometre. At early times Narita's economy was based on agriculture. But after the making of The Narita International Airport, the whole economy of Narita changed. Now there major economy is focused on tourism, transportation and logistics.

Top Attractions

AEON Mall Narita

From Narita International Airport, the AEON Mall Narita is 5km away and from the JR Keisei Narita Station, the AEON Mall Narita takes 10 minutes by bus ride. The hotels near the airport also have a facility of directly serving to the AEON Mall Narita. Some of the major hotels which server directly to the AEON Mall Narita are Marroad International Hotel Narita, Hotel Nikko Narita and Narita View Hotel. The AEON Mall Narita is packed with stores who have daily life using items and foods. It also has restaurants and cafes inside the mall.

Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple

It takes 10 minutes to get from Narita International Airport to Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple by JR. The from the station to the Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple is called Narita-san Sando. In this path there are a lot of restaurants for the relaxation of the visitors. Boss restaurants generally serve ride crackers, dumplings and eel. Restaurants with foreign cuisine also there so that foreign people can also get their dish. So if you have when there then you must not forget to you take a taste of those dishes.


This place is located in the northern Chiba Prefecture. From the Riverside town Sawara had flourished as in the old days. Between the Katori Highway and Ono River, old merchant houses have lined down in the streets. This place is famous in Narita because of its history and environment. There is a famous museum here which has been made after a movement had begun which requested to make the museum. If you like historical things then you must visit this place because a lot of visitors like to spend time at this place.


The Narita International Airport is very near to the Yamato-no-yu. Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple is also at a very short distance from Yamato-no-yu. At this place you can get a view of the rural landscape of Narita, Japan. This place is physically for relaxation of the tourist who visit there. If you visit Narita then this place is a must visit place.

Best time to visit

The temperature in Narita has changes in it very fast. But still the best time to visit Narita is from August to September because at this time the climate of Narita is warm and feels the best to the tourists. But if you want to feel the snow you should go to Narita in the winter season.

Major airports

Narita International Airport is itself the major airport of Narita. It is the primary airport of Tokyo. This is why it is also known as Narita Tokyo Airport but originally it is known as New Tokyo International Airport. This is a very large airport because this airport handle 50% of the whole country's traffic.

Fact File

- Country/State: Japan

- Population: 1.31 lakhs (According to the report of the year 2016)

- Currency: Yen

- Language: The official language spoken by the people of Narita is Japanese.

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